Interesting Dogs of the World

“Man’s best friend” although a common household pet, is a unique animal that has been making news headlines for individuality and acts of bravery and loyalty. These three dogs, Levi, Quasimodo, and Petra are no exceptions.



A three legged dog, Levi saved his owners during a home invasion in Wisconsin. An armed robber made his way into the home of Darcy Cherry, and then made her and her boyfriend get on the ground. The armed intruder then demanded money from the couple. Levi proceeded to bark and growl at the intruder, and as a result, the beloved canine was shot. The bullet grazed his head and lodged in his shoulder. The suspect is still on the loose as of the 28th of January.

Levi originally lost his leg on a hike with the family in 2014. He suffered from a fall that shattered his leg bones, resulting in an amputation.




Quasimodo the German Shepherd, born with short spine syndrome, is a unique and very interesting K9! He currently lives in Kentucky but is looking for a home. As of the 29th of January, Quasi is functioning at an almost “normal” level, but is going through more tests so we can find out more about his condition. Because of Quasi’s physical structure, all of his organs are literally jammed into his midsection.





Petra, a stray dog located in Athens, Greece, was found April of last year with her face completely hardened. Rescuing her was an extremely hard task. Petra had seemingly never interacted with anyone and would run away at the mere sight of a person approaching. She was treated for many infections, skin lesions, and mange. The kindhearted people who helped restore Petra’s health, although not easily done, have helped her make a complete recovery and she is now “a completely different dog” according to Valia Orfanidou.

Before:  petra before

After:    petra after