Toyota Phasing Out Gas Cars In Favor of Hydrogen

Toyota is forming plans to phase out gasoline and diesel-based cars in favor of hydrogen cars, a new science in the car manufacturing industry. The plans, although tentative, are expected to be completed by 2020,and they will be the only manufacturer and brand creating and dealing hydrogen-fueled cars, also known as fuel cell vehicles.


There is however, criticism in regards to Toyota’s plans. Hydrogen as fuel is a relatively new concept in the industry, and 2020 is only four years away; to perfect the technology may take even longer. Competing with battery-electric cars will be a challenge as well; electricity is a ready source while hydrogen-as-fuel must be produced, and the production is costly.


They also face another problem that could could arise if Toyota began manufacturing only hydrogen-fueled cars: their consumer base would diminish because there is no promise of the widespread implementation of hydrogen-fuel renewal sources, especially in a manner of only four years. As of 2013, there are only ten hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles in the state of California, the state that Toyota makes most of its sales.


The first hydrogen vehicle was the Toyota Mirai, revealed in the November 2014 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It began being sold commercially at the end of 2014 in Japan, and as of September 2015, in California.