Chinese New Year Celebration

February 8, 2019 marks the beginning of the Chinese New Year.  El Toro High School Chinese teacher Ms. Huang has been planning to bring the celebration into her classroom.

Weeks before New Year’s Eve in China, hundreds of millions of people board trains, planes and buses to visit family and celebrate the country’s most important holiday. The weather could turn bad and huge crowds could become stuck in train stations and airports, but nothing would stop the people from getting home.

The Chinese New Year’s Eve dinner is called Reunion Dinner, and is believed to be the most important meal of the year.

Here at El Toro, with the increasing number of Asian students and popularity of Chinese classes, the Chinese New Year is a great event to look forward to.

El Toro’s one and only Chinese teacher, Ms. Huang, is planning a big celebration with her classes. She has been planning a field trip to China Town since the beginning of the year, but for now, her classes will settle on a party.

During this celebration, students will bring or make Chinese food themselves with the recipes they find. “The activity will also improve their abilities to research on their own,” said Ms. Huang.

The classroom has been decorated with red colors, including lanterns and couplets. Both are symbols of good luck during the upcoming year.

Students will learn to write couplets on red rectangle paper, which is an important Chinese tradition, and paste them on each side of a door. According to Ms. Huang, students will learn more Chinese characters while having fun.

This celebration creates a great environment for students to enjoy foreign culture in addition to learning the language.

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