The Attacks on Culture: When Terrorists Attack Our Centers of Western Culture

The shootings in Paris were more than what they seem and more than what most believe them to be: they were attacks on Western culture and inspiration. They  were not focused on a train station or an airport; they were at a concert and a soccer match. We are shown that the places we find safe, most secure, and open with our emotions, are not truly safe.

Source : NPR

Yes these attacks were tragedies for the victims involved and the world in total, but this points to a deeper and scarier underlying fact, which is that these people wish to inspire fear into the world through making us not want go out and be free and have fun and be happy. They want to make people afraid of doing what they love most, whether that be sports or music or the movies.


This isn’t the first time a center of culture has been pinpointed by someone for no reason other than hate. Many people remember the attacks on the midnights showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora Colorado by college student James Holmes. This made many people scared and even afraid of going to the movies. Violence like this is made to scare the public into not doing what they want and to make them feel unsafe in their everyday activities. With the recent Paris attacks by ISIS in an international soccer match and a concert, people may stop attending events such as these altogether.


The use of this fear method is not a new concept to terrorists everywhere. Boko Haram in Northern Africa has used this tactic in recent events like kidnapping children from schools and killing innocent villagers who are caught in their power struggle. ISIS has used this tactic mainly in the middle east to gain control of key areas and towns. They have used this tactic internationally, causing fear among westerners who only the week before may have believed they were untouchable by ISIS.


The idea that by not attending events that are central to the western culture (sports, music, and film) would stop terrorists from attacking in another area is incorrect. No matter what you do in your life there are inherent dangers and possibilities of getting hurt. That doesn’t mean you should change the way you live your life and the events you attend.

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