The Attacks on Culture: When Terrorists Attack Our Centers of Western Culture

The shootings in Paris were more than what they seem and more than what most believe them to be: they were attacks on Western culture and inspiration. They  were not focused on a train station or an airport; they were at a concert and a soccer match. We are shown that the places we find safe, most secure, and open with our emotions, are not truly safe.

Source : NPR

Yes these attacks were tragedies for the victims involved and the world in total, but this points to a deeper and scarier underlying fact, which is that these people wish to inspire fear into the world through making us not want go out and be free and have fun and be happy. They want to make people afraid of doing what they love most, whether that be sports or music or the movies.


This isn’t the first time a center of culture has been pinpointed by someone for no reason other than hate. Many people remember the attacks on the midnights showing of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora Colorado by college student James Holmes. This made many people scared and even afraid of going to the movies. Violence like this is made to scare the public into not doing what they want and to make them feel unsafe in their everyday activities. With the recent Paris attacks by ISIS in an international soccer match and a concert, people may stop attending events such as these altogether.


The use of this fear method is not a new concept to terrorists everywhere. Boko Haram in Northern Africa has used this tactic in recent events like kidnapping children from schools and killing innocent villagers who are caught in their power struggle. ISIS has used this tactic mainly in the middle east to gain control of key areas and towns. They have used this tactic internationally, causing fear among westerners who only the week before may have believed they were untouchable by ISIS.


The idea that by not attending events that are central to the western culture (sports, music, and film) would stop terrorists from attacking in another area is incorrect. No matter what you do in your life there are inherent dangers and possibilities of getting hurt. That doesn’t mean you should change the way you live your life and the events you attend.

Toyota Phasing Out Gas Cars In Favor of Hydrogen

Toyota is forming plans to phase out gasoline and diesel-based cars in favor of hydrogen cars, a new science in the car manufacturing industry. The plans, although tentative, are expected to be completed by 2020,and they will be the only manufacturer and brand creating and dealing hydrogen-fueled cars, also known as fuel cell vehicles.


There is however, criticism in regards to Toyota’s plans. Hydrogen as fuel is a relatively new concept in the industry, and 2020 is only four years away; to perfect the technology may take even longer. Competing with battery-electric cars will be a challenge as well; electricity is a ready source while hydrogen-as-fuel must be produced, and the production is costly.


They also face another problem that could could arise if Toyota began manufacturing only hydrogen-fueled cars: their consumer base would diminish because there is no promise of the widespread implementation of hydrogen-fuel renewal sources, especially in a manner of only four years. As of 2013, there are only ten hydrogen refueling stations for vehicles in the state of California, the state that Toyota makes most of its sales.


The first hydrogen vehicle was the Toyota Mirai, revealed in the November 2014 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. It began being sold commercially at the end of 2014 in Japan, and as of September 2015, in California.

Interesting Dogs of the World

“Man’s best friend” although a common household pet, is a unique animal that has been making news headlines for individuality and acts of bravery and loyalty. These three dogs, Levi, Quasimodo, and Petra are no exceptions.



A three legged dog, Levi saved his owners during a home invasion in Wisconsin. An armed robber made his way into the home of Darcy Cherry, and then made her and her boyfriend get on the ground. The armed intruder then demanded money from the couple. Levi proceeded to bark and growl at the intruder, and as a result, the beloved canine was shot. The bullet grazed his head and lodged in his shoulder. The suspect is still on the loose as of the 28th of January.

Levi originally lost his leg on a hike with the family in 2014. He suffered from a fall that shattered his leg bones, resulting in an amputation.




Quasimodo the German Shepherd, born with short spine syndrome, is a unique and very interesting K9! He currently lives in Kentucky but is looking for a home. As of the 29th of January, Quasi is functioning at an almost “normal” level, but is going through more tests so we can find out more about his condition. Because of Quasi’s physical structure, all of his organs are literally jammed into his midsection.





Petra, a stray dog located in Athens, Greece, was found April of last year with her face completely hardened. Rescuing her was an extremely hard task. Petra had seemingly never interacted with anyone and would run away at the mere sight of a person approaching. She was treated for many infections, skin lesions, and mange. The kindhearted people who helped restore Petra’s health, although not easily done, have helped her make a complete recovery and she is now “a completely different dog” according to Valia Orfanidou.

Before:  petra before

After:    petra after

Prescription Drug Increase in Local Pharmacies

One common thing many people turn to when they aren’t feeling their best is over the counter medicine. 65 million Americans use easy to get medications, but the problem we are facing is the 5% increase in 2014 and the drastic 11.8% increase seen by statistics. The changes we may be facing include price increases, the physical and mental health of those purchasing the medication, and the reliability of the medications to solve patient’s issues.

More people spend their money on things such as Advil, Ibuprofen, and Aspirin. Even simple pain relieving medicines can increase in price as more people take it. It is important you limit your use, as simple as it is to go and buy them.

Your health and survival is important. If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t survive. Popping pills to relieve pain can lead to all sorts of problems, especially in the liver and kidneys. It is important to take the medication in moderation only when truly needed.

Don’t rely solely on prescriptions for healing. A lot of the time it numbs the pain instead of taking it away. Try natural healing remedies as much as possible so you aren’t dependent on taking the usual over the counter medicines. Your body will become accustomed to taking pills, leading you to taking a higher dose over time, which affects your health.

Overall, it is okay to take medicine for a headache or what your doctor prescribes you, but you don’t want to misuse it. These habits lead to addiction especially in medically prescribed drugs such as Xanax and other pills with habit-forming effects. Be careful for what you put in your body, as your body treats you well so be good to it!