Meet the Editors


Annie Palos

Our Editor in Chief is responsible for all content of the issue and also organizes the magazine. Our editor is a supervisor for our staff. The editor has an editorial for every issue. The editor is usually a junior or senior.



Sarah Sharifzadeh

The Feature Editor is responsible for all feature copy, photos, and art. Our Feature Editor also writes articles while still maintaining her section.


Lilac Hinkis

The Fashion/ Pop Culture Editor is responsible for all fashion and pop culture articles. Our editor is still a working editor and researches current trends in art and entertainment. She also determines a graphic element for every page.


Spring Cano

Our Sport Editor is responsible for the production and display of all athletic news and features and photos. She makes assignments for sport reporters to assure adequate, accurate, and balanced coverage of all El Toro Sports.


Karina Rodriguez

The Photo Editor is responsible for the organization and quality of all photos. She discusses photo assignments with content EIC and section editors. The Photo Editor also edits, organizes, and approves all photo assignments so they are ready for print.


Iris Wang

The Design Editor is responsible for all the design and layout. She works with all editors and layout managers. She also provides technical assistance. The Design Editor makes sure all pages are completed for publication.